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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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on the streets of thailand the army chief declares marshall law. the reason he says is to end months of unrest. ♪ ♪ welcome to al jazerra, i am stephen in doha. also ahead, denying u.s. spy charges. beijing accuses washington of making up evidence that links chinese officers to hacking. frustration as voting gets off to a bump see start. the army is scaled to insure calm in some areas. delveing in to ancient history using modern technology, we use a truly revealing exhibition in
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london. ♪ ♪ but first, the developing story we talked about earlier coming out of nigeria. and the reports of two explosions at a market in the central city of jost. let's go more from the nigeria january capital. what more do we know about these explosions. >> reporter: well, the information is starting to strike it in from jos. capital of nigeria's pla t.o. s. according to eyewitnesses twin blasts tore through a busy intersection at the main market in jos. it's also very close where the blast hand is also very close to the university city hospital as well as the town's main [inaudible] so you can imagine a
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very populated area where there were many people at that time. it happened around 3:00 local time. which is about 2:00 p.m. g.m. it. and eyewitnesses say main people were injured and talked about up to six people being killed in the blast. now jos is not new to this play lens it's also the capital state of nigeria where the muslim north and the christian south immediate and it has also been the scene of some of the worst sectarian violence as well as ethiethnic violence between the indigenous farming communities and from north nigeria. >> thanks mohamed for that update. protesters have turne returo the streets of bank cock despite marshall law being employed across the country.
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protesters have gathered in large numbers. is the head of the army says he declared martial what you after six months of anti--government frosts. the military has taken over command from the police and other authorities. that means they can search homes, vehicles, even hope letters and messages. and stop public meetings and gatherings. like the one we are seeing on the streets. and put preinstructions on the media. from bangkok, here is scott heidler. >> reporter: as people woke up on tuesday and headed out to school and work most were just finding out that they now live under martial law. >> in order to keep peace and order efficiently and to bring piece back to the people of every group quickly, i hear by exercise the right under articles 2 and 4 of the martial law act, 1914, to invoke martial law nationwide.
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>> reporter: several more announcements were made by the arm is as i day unfolding giving military commanders more power. soldiers took over the government agency that usually takes care of peace and security. >> when the country is safe and peaceful nobody will want martial law. i hope the factions find peace soon. next step is to bring rival parties to talk in peace. there can't be talks if there is no peace, if there is still movement and provocation and instigation against violence. >> reporter: 10 cable television champions with cable ties were told to stop broadcasting. the pro-government or red-shirt backedded dnn was one of them. >> when i saw the soldiers walking in as it a am i red-shirt member and we are a station that fought for democracy. we wanted to disobey them but this is the law that's inevitable. i think we have to play by the rules and be cautious.
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>> reporter: the anti-government protest leaders announced that his followers, the so-called yellow shirts will continue with their protests peacefully. the army's presence on the streets it it have bangkok is light and most people are going about their normal lives, but at this point no one knows really how long they have to stay in the streets or if more troops will have to be called in. the army has insisted this is no, sir a coupe but trying to prevent more violence and even war. >> not a cou coupe yet because e have people in authority. but the authority shifts to the military. now we have no longer the [inaudible] so it di depends now going forward in the coming days what kinds of resolution the army has in mind. >> reporter: and the army commander is keeping his options open. simply saying martial law will remain in place for as long as it takes. scott heidler, al jazerra, bangkok. china has summoned the u.s.
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ambassador in beijing overcharges laid against five chinese military officers. they are accused of hacking in american company to his steal trade secrets, china denies the charges and say that they are made up. from shanghai, here is adrian brown. >> reporter: five chinese army officers on an fbi wanted list are unlikely to ever be handed over by the government. but china still feels angry and humiliated. >> translator: the united states deliberately made up facts using the excuse of stealing of secrets online to indict five chinese military officials. this has seriously slighted the basic principles of international relations and damaged chinese u.s. cooperation and mutual trust. >> reporter: beijing's accused washington of double standards. saying that the united states is guilty of what it now accuses china of. an official building on the outskirts of shanghai, a united
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states security company is satisfied it's the source of many of the cyber espionage attacks. the u.s. says the targets include businesses in the steel industry. untrue says china. these latest indictments come at a time of growing fringes betweefrick shunbetween the unid china as ties between moscow and beijing are improving. president vladimir putin is here in shanghai where he says relations between the two countries have never been better. calling the president a trusted friend. >> reporter: president putin has been isolate odd world stage but he's among friends here. both he and the president here are facing international critisism over territorial disputes with smaller neighbors. putin is here attend ache summit to discuss building confidence and security in asia. he's also hoping to secure an energy deal with china. russia's single biggest trading partner.
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these russian sailors strolling on the famous waterfront will be taking part in joint navel drills with the chinese another symbol of the cooperation between these two giant neighbors. adrian brown, al, shanghai. to libya where there has been several days of unrest between the groups in the capital and east of the country. u.s. marines and aircraft are standing by to evacuate americans from the embassy in tripoli. they have already closed their embassy because they are worried about security. libya's parliament is meeting in an undisclosed location. the liter of th leader of specis his the latest senior officer to turn against the caretaker government and announced his support for a former general. in yemen 22 people have been killed between fighters and sunni rivals supported by the army. the fighting happened in a
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province which is a strong hold of huge i fighters, al jazerra has learned seven sole years were killed in an attack on an army base there, a local source says the army responded by killing 15 fighters last month, more than 40 people were killed in slashes. they have been trying to force the military out of the province for the last decade. now this fighting is totally separate from the military campaign south of sanaaa. the army is conducted its largest campaign there in years against al qauda-link the fighters here is more from the capital. sanaa. >> reporter: nine government says they are trying to implement a radical ideology. they accuse them of being one the biggest threats to civility in the country. the government has also accused iran of providing substantial military assistant to the houthis. they are saying their fight is
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not against the government, it's against a military commander accused of having ties with radical sunni groups in the area. this attack, this escape layings comes against the backdrop of military offensive in the south of the country against al qaeda fighters. it just shows the volatile situation in the country. and the challenges the government faces. al qaeda in the south, separatist 3450u6789sd in the south and the houthi rebel yep in the north of the country. prosecutors in south korea have launched a man hand for one of the owners of the ferry that sanction killing 300 people. he field to show up for a hearing, they are saying they are not sure if it's a compound belong to go a religious organization with which he's associated. hairhairy reports.
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>> reporter: organic farmland south of soul belonging for a religious group associated with the ship's dee fax toe owner. makes of the two of the organizations are manning gates, prosecutors believe that he may be hiding behind them. he's refuse today appear for questioning. >> this land belong to the church. >> reporter: will you let prosecutors inside? >> no, this is my product, my house. >> reporter: this is how he likes to be seen these days, hardly at all. he is a reclusive photographer, exhibited to acclaim in europe. but he's also head of the family behind the owner and operator. our attempts to contact the family were unsuccessful but they said he had no role in the management. a foundation disagrees. >> he assigns people to different businesses himself.
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so everything is under his control. >> reporter: prosecutors believe that it sanction because it was overloaded. its cargo wasn't secured properly and made an unusually sharp turn. seek to go prove that he was responsible for some lax management. the company has a complex ownership structure. large stakes in a separate firm that controls it. the sister ship, was inspected recently and found to have multiple safety breaches. we came back to the port at night to speak to a former crew member. who proved too concerned to go on camera, even with his appearance concealed. he did tell us, though, that there were links between the church and the running of the marine. he said that junior crew members would be hired even without any experience or training on the basis of their links to the church. and that such inexperienced staff would never have been hired in other companies that he had worked for. he spent four years in prison in the mid 1990s convicted of em
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embezzling church funds after being acquitted of a 1997 mass suicide by members of another relike ureligious group. the president has promised to go after the family's wealth as punishment and to competent victims. but authorities could find themselves with a fight on their hands, just to get through these gates. hairy fehairy al jazerra. lots more including a report from serbia and the floods there. plus. >> reporter: i am no new york. the united nations says there is an inning precedented global expansion of the synthetics drug market, coming up on you drug agents in the u.s. are cracking down on the illegal trade. and coming home to mommy, unraveling one of histories mystery. peeling back the layers of
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♪ ♪ you are watching al jazerra, a reminder of our headline stories we are getting reports of two explosions in nigeria, witnesses say twin blasts we want off in a busy market town in the central city of jo s. our correspondent tells us at least six people have been killed. protesters have returned to the streets of bangkok despite martial law being imposed across the countries. protesters known as red shirts have gathered in large numbers. the anti-government members are
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rallying in the old part the country. china has summoned the ambassador of beijing over five chinese officers accused of hacking in to american computers to steal trade secrets and other intellectual property. china says the u.s. fabricated the charges. in malawi voting has been extend today 9:00 p.m. local time at some polling stations, the voting got off to a slow start because of logisticalling problems. the army has been sent to some of the locations. >> reporter: the soldiers look nervous, they are trying to calm down this angry crowd. but people here don't want to listen. they are meant to be voting in the general election. but many polling stations opened late. some didn't have enough ballot papers and ink. >> i have been here to vote, but unfortunate after 9:00 there is no ink for us to vote.
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>> reporter: things are tense, so voting has stopped in this part of town for now. people are getting more and more agitated and frustrated. the army has been brought in to try to control the crowd. and they say they don't want to go home. they want to know why the polling stations opened late and they are concerned about vote rigging. at another polling station, more problems. tired of the apparent disorganization, some people decide to start a protest. 14,000 people have registered to vote at the polling station, when things finally start the process is slow. but some manage to vote. >> we don't know what the problem was, but we are afraid that maybe they might be rigging the vote. which is a disappointing to us. but otherwise, we have managed. >> reporter: the president is right to go keep her job after a corruption scandal crippled the economy. but many opposition candidates lined up against her. opinion polls indicate that the race is too close to call.
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some people here say there could be violence when official results are announced. and so the army waits. asthma los angeles weas malawi n uncertain future. there are clashes in kenya too. student in nairobi clashed with riot police, protesters are angry at the rising cost of fees. security officers stormed the premises and one people have been arrested. south african athlete oscar pistorius has been ordered to undergo a month of psychiatric tests before his trial resumes at the end of june. a court ordered evaluation will determine whether he was criminally responsible for shooting dead his girlfriend in february of last year. the double amputee is charged with premeditated murder. in egypt, there has been fighting between anti-coupe protesters and security forces outside could i owe university. a homemade bomb was thrown at the police.
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protesters were chanting against the military and the forthcoming presidential elections. police fired tear gas after students started throwing molotov cocktails and shooting fireworks. voting for egypt's presidential election will start next week. but with only two candidates in the run, critics say the campaign say formality to give legitimacy to jenny see' generas campaign. >> reporter: they say the campaign will be uncon she thinksal. she unconventional. sisi says he's running a campaign driven by the people. and there is no shortage of volunteers signing up to promote his candidacy. >> sisi's campaigns are popular in the sen that the central campaign doesn't sends any support. no posters, nothing. the support is from the people. t-shirts, for example.
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the people are the ones that act. elections this time are popular elections. >> reporter: with sisi's victory in the election seemingly all but guaranteed. the election campaign is perhaps less charged than in countries where the outcome isn't so predictable. so far, sisi has limited himself to television interviews. rather than big rallies. but there is some competition. there is only one other candidate. from the left of egyptian politics, he has enthusiastic supporters. he has done this before. he came third in it the 2012 election, that was won by mohamed morsi. who has since been deposed. >> translator: if our war against poverty is the holy warthen i am running in this election hoping that god makes my victorious, i know that my easy battle as i become victorious and win the elections. however, my harder battle will be that i beat poverty. >> reporter: critics of last
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year's military coupe fear his participation gives legitimacy to an events many see as political theater. both candidates are focusing on the co poverty. bernard smith, al jazerra. al jazerra is demanding the release of its journalists who have been in prison in egypt for 143 days. pete the trial is said to resume in two days time. they are accused of inspiring with the muslim brotherly. al jazerra denies the charges against them. the fourth detained al jazerra journalist says he will continue to refuse food, he's been held without trial since august. and he's been on hunger strike for nearly for months. economy firmed that he's been put in solitary confinement
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where attempts have been made to force feed him. to syria request where government planes continue to a attack towns outside damascus. the attacks happened about eight-kilometers from the capital. al jazerra can't fair vie the pictures. in northern aleppo, activists say 26 people were killed by government shelling. these pictures appear to show the aftermath of a missile attack in a rebel-held town. and syrian opposition activists have accused the government of another poison gas attack north of homs. these pictures appear to show people suffocating in the rebel-held town there north. human rights watch says there is evidence the government used chlorine gas on three towns since april. if verified the assad government would be in violation of the chemical weapons treaty that it signed in october. serbia's government has announced a 3-day morning period after 21 people were killed in
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severe flooding. the extreme weather has forced more than 30,000 people out of their holes, a report now from the serbian town. >> reporter: they are at the heart of the devastation here in serbia. you can just see what happens here that house which has been completely destroyed to my right is going to need complete rebuilding. and what people here are saying is that they are angry the fact that the authorities didn't get here quick enough to save their homes and also they need building equipment and material right now because they are worried about moreland slides coming in from the hills above. now what happens here was that three months worth of rain fell in a few days, three meters of water sending a torrent of mud and water through the heart of this community. and this is happening all over with know more than 3,000 land slides, hundreds of homes destroyed. 10s of thousands of people that have nowhere to live right now.
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the white house says the cia will stop using vaccination programs for surprise. that falls over the u.s. spy agencies use of an immigration program to bath gather intelligence in pakistan in the search for osama bin laden. dozens have been killed by the taliban in recent years. sale of meth has reached record levels with asia driving huge demand for the drug, and that's among the findings of a report by the u.n. office on drugs and crime. it says that over the past five years, the amount of methamphetamine pills and christ the meth sees ahead cross asia tripled to 36 thousands. china is the biggest producer of the drug in the region, thein' says japan is the most luc tiff place folucrative. the united states is one of the front lines for the booming synthetic drug market.
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>> reporter: this street in manhattan known for its smoke shocks selling cigarettes, glass pipes and rolling papers. we sent in two al jazerra producers to see if they could find something unlikely on display. >> reporter: spice, molly, bath saults, stimulants and huh lose mmahuh losethat genics be popule young party crowd but lately not easy to find. two. weeks ago, the drug enforcement administration launched major raids across 28 states in the u.s. agents arrested 150 people and seized $20 million in cash and assets linked to the synthetic drug's market. but the agency is up against an unfamiliar enemy. >> this is the new frontier. this is a challenge that we
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haven't seen historically when it comes to overseas production of these designer synthetic drugs and it's ever changing and ever evolving which makes it really difficult. >> reporter: in the last five years up to 300 new synthetic drugs have emerges mainly in china. the ingredients are often legal and unregulated. and once the drugs are made, they are easily bought and delivered vie at internet. a report by the united nations shows huge increases in new drugs around the world. supply routes from africa to asia to america. the growing use of unknown chemical cocktails add today ecstasy or methamphetamine tablets if someone has a bad reaction or overdoses medical staff don't know what they are dealing and therefore can't treat the patients. the dea says taking synthetic drugs salt lake playing a game of russian roulette. butt agency is fighting an array of new and easily accessible staupbss and no shortage of drug
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users willing to take the risk. in london a new exhibition is helping unlock some of the secrets of the ancients world. the display at the british museum examines a mum if i indication process using the latest medical technology, emma heyward reports. >> reporter: they are relics of an ain't then fast. thousands of years olds mummies from the sudan. using had i particular medical scanning equipment for virtually peel back the layers. museum examines a mum if discovered in a shallow grave more than 100 years ago and one of the oldest examples here. through these images we can learn more about the man. there is very little wear and tear on his pelvis and the state of his teeth saying he was 2235 when he died.
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then the chief door keeping of the temple of raw. during his mum if i take it's thought that his head we came did he attached from his body buand rods were inserted. >> we have seen terrible dental health issues two of the olders their arteries were full. skate that go they suffered from cardio gas cuellar diseases. >> reporter: in centuries people have been fascinated with egypt and the rituals surrounding death. two run years ago it was common plays for archeologists to unwrap mummies, these days are long gone. >> we are very concerned that we keep this booties intact. we learn from them without damaging them and destroying them without disturbing the bodies.
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it's a more respectful way of treating these long-dead individuals. >> reporter: it's thought further advances in technology will offer even a bigger window in to the past. our window is now is there. bloc >> hi 'em i'm lisa fletcher and you are in "the stream." posttraumatic stress disorder, it's not effecting soldiers returning home. plus the routine medical procedures that may be leaving one in three patients with a mental disorder. the ptsd cases y